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What are the benefits of Licensing over Franchising?

Franchisors require reporting of all sales and Royalty payments which is defined as a percentage of profit taken off the top. Licensors give licensees 100% of all profits generated at the ownership level.
Franchisors require specific Branding and strict guidelines on media communication. Licensees have the OPTION, not the obligation to use a company logo and company brand name or call themselves whatever they want.
Franchisees must follow business rules and detailed protocol as dictated in the owner’s manual. Licensors only make suggested guidelines based on experience and proven methodologies. Licensees can run their business the way they see fit.
Franchisees must sell branded products and/or buy exclusively from Franchisor…our licensees have the total latitude to sell any product they want.
Franchisors can cancel the contract of any Franchisee if they don’t follow their exact business model and are subject to the whims of the Franchisor…Licensees are Independent Business People and make their own decisions. 
Franchisees have limited territories…Licensees can sell anywhere in the United States without restriction or paying royalties. 

How much do I earn?

Not only can an Agency sell licensed business opportunities for themselves but can build a team of Agents supported and trained by kathy ireland ® Licensing. There’s no limit or territory restriction on how many Agents you develop within your Agency. This is a great example of leveraging the efforts of others. Agencies receive a 30% contract on net commissionable license fees personally sold by the agency and receive a 10% override commission on all net commissionable license fees sold by their Agents.

What’s goes into getting a business ready to license?

We perform business analysis and activity checklist needed to take a proven successful Business to market. Unlike a “start-up” business… having a history of sales and operations will allow us to duplicate and scale quickly. If necessary, we can create a new business entity for the licensing company, update logos, create an opportunity website, and build pricing models for each level of license opportunities. Advertising campaign kicks off on various platforms. Agents and Agencies in the sales department qualify leads and license sales begin. 

What Support do I receive from the Company?

Operations support

  • Extensive initial training
  • Personals coaching and mentoring
  • Advanced Licensing online support center
  • Digital communication network
  • Dedicated support staff

 Marketing support

  • Customized professional website
  • Industry-leading marketing collateral
  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing websites
  • Varied prospect generation services
  • Exclusive marketing training & resources

Addition benefits

  • Certification Program
  • Access to the portfolio of brands in the industry
  • Independent contract-based business model
  • Multiple profit centers
  • Generous referral fee earnings
  • Annual convention

How many License Businesses are available to me to market and sell?

kathy ireland ® Licensing has exclusive contracts with some of the best business opportunities in the US. As an Agency, you have the right to market and sell any licensed business opportunity in the Company’s portfolio.

Do I receive initial training?

Every Agency will go through an initial training program. Giving them knowledge, know-how and the tools to start selling in a relatively short period of time.